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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Can you cure shy bladder just by drinking water?

There seems to be an idea floating around the internet of a "water cure". The suggestion is that dehydration is the cause of many modern ills and that if we just stopped drinking coffee, soda and tea and stuck to good old plain purified water we'd be so much better off.

There may be some truth to it, but as a cure for Shy Bladder (as some have suggested) I think it's pretty unlikely (I'd like to hear from anyone that the "water cure" worked for - please post a comment)

Since Shy Bladder is a social phobia it seems unlikely that just drinking more water would be an effective cure. Would it cure, for instance, a fear of travelling in elevators (another social anxiety)? Very Doubtful.

What drinking lots of fresh water WILL do for you is give you plenty of chances to visit the bathroom and practice your graduated exposure therapy. That's a technique that will work to lessen the effects of and (if you're persistent enough) cure your Shy Bladder symptoms.

Having said that, there's nothing dangerous about the water cure and I'd be very happy to hear that it is an effective cure for Shy Bladder.


Anonymous said...

well..i suffer from shy bladder syndrome..and found out that drinking lots of water does help...i usually drink so much water that i find it difficult to hold up any my case once the stream has started..its smooth sailing from that point onwards..the difficult part is to get the stream started...i found out that drinking PLENTY of water did help me to get the stream started

Anonymous said...

I've found that it helps, but isnt a huge fix. its just easier to be cool when you dont have the anxiety spurred by caffiene.

Anonymous said...

when I was a very young boy, I remember a boy pushed me while I was peeing. Ever since then, I have been suffering this condition for over 15 years. I have always had ways to deal with it, but it's only lately the condition has got worse. One time on the airplane I just freezed up, and I had to hold it from an entire trip over 8 hours.

From then, it's just down hill. I quit my dream job after 3 days, because I couldn't go in the rest rooms. It was a bathroom with busy traffic, and a huge gap at the bottom of the cubicle.

I really want to cure this, without it, I can do so much more with life. Thanks for creating this blog.

Anonymous said...

well about the drinking water idea, I have never been addicted to coffee or cola and have preferred water or juice but I still suffer. Like a previous commenter wrote, plenty of water can help get you going (because it hurts so much you will do anything to let it out).

ZR1Terror said...

I wouldn't do that, you can end up in the hospital with a catheter like me :(

And it's very painful.

whirlblender said...

you would have to not pee for a long long time or have had consumed a tremendous amount of liquid to have your bladder back up into your kidneys.