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Friday, March 03, 2006

Shy Bladder Research

From May to September 2004 an Australian, Dr Russell Gibbs carried out an internet study of 286 men suffering with Shy Bladder at the University Of New England (UNE).

It's a pity that the study is now closed. Here's a screenshot of the front page :

The URL, if you're trying to make it out is :

I logged in with the userid "pta" and the password "pta010"

If you missed taking part (as I did) then at least you can read the results of that research here.

Sadly the results don't show what the questions asked were although it hints at the following questions being asked in some way :

1. Your age
2. Your level of education
3. When did shy Bladder start for you
4. Where did shy bladder start for you
5. Location : Country and/or State
6. Marital status
7. Do you feel anxiety when using a public restroom?
8. Does failure to urinate cause you stress?
9. Do you feel others are judging you when you void?
10. Do you search for vacant restrooms?
11. Do you use the stalls instead of using the urinal?
12. Do you restrict your liquid intake?
13. Has the condition limited your job opportunities?
14. Can you only urinate at home?
15. Have you ever sought help for the condition?
16. If yes, after how many years?

17. What treatments have you tried (check all that apply)
a) Psychotherapy
b) Graduated Exposure Therapy
c) Self Help Group
d) Medication
e) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

18. Has your condition improved or worsened with time?
19. Have you ever been asked to provide a urine sample?
20. If yes, were you able to?

21. If you have not been asked to provide a urine sample, could you if asked?
22. (A set of questions about your feelings and self-awareness, eg. are you shy? etc)

It would be great to read the original questions. I hope there will be further research into this field and that wider access to the data will be provided in future.

You can contact the author at

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