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Friday, March 10, 2006

How do I know if I have Shy Bladder?

If you think YOU suffer from Shy Bladder

You may not have a name for it but you'll know. Everyone experiences some hesitancy in public bathrooms from time-to-time but Shy Bladder sufferers experience total failure except in very specific circumstances they consider "safe". If you can go without any trouble at home but can't use the bathrooms in the office you probably suffer from Shy Bladder.

Not all urinary problems are related to Shy Bladder and you should check with your physician before starting any treatment to cure Shy Bladder to rule out other diagnosis.

However, if you can urinate at home easily and freely but can't in a public bathroom chances are what you have is Shy Bladder.

The research isn't conclusive but there may be a strong hereditry aspect to Shy Bladder, if you suffer from it, it may be that others in your family also do.

How to know if someone else has Shy Bladder

This one isn't so easy. Not being able to urinate in a public setting can happen to anyone from time to time. Shy Bladder sufferers can also have complex systems of avoidance behaviours that mask their symptoms. Some signs of these avoidance behaviours include :

* Seeks out isolated bathrooms where the chances of meeting someone else are lessened.

* Avoids long trips, seems very home-bound (because unwilling to travel far from safe bathroom)

* Never uses bathroom at work, returns home to use bathroom several times a day

* Never uses a urinal, only ever a stall

* Never goes to the bathroom in the group, always seems to hang back and go after everyone else.

* Does seem to drink a lot

* Never seems to need the bathroom, is considered to have a "bladder of steel"

* Makes frequent trips to the bathroom (keeps going in and leaving trying to find it "free").

* At the mall or a game never hangs around afterward but heads straight home (to use the bathroom)

* Closes the toilet door (firmly) when sharing a bathroom with spouse/partner.

There's nothing shameful about Shy Bladder

Many people suffer from Shy Bladder but it is rarely if ever publicly discussed. Most sufferers do so in silence too embarrassed to explain why they can't take part in certain activities or act strangely around bathrooms. Shy Bladder is a genuine Social Disorder. Having it doesn't make you mad or any less of a person.

The good news is that you can improve this condition, you can get help and find a cure.

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