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Thursday, March 30, 2006

What is a normal level of hesitancy?

You're at the urinal and in the presence of others, what is a normal delay before you can urinate?

If you suffer Shy Bladder you probably know, you've counted the eons worrying that this time you just arn't going to start at all or that the next guy is judging you because you don't seem to be able to start.

I was in a stall recently (for all the right reasons mind you), right next to the urinal and I couldn't help but overhear two guys at the urinal. I counted, it was five seconds before one of them was able to initiate a flow.

Five seconds is an age when you're standing there counting it. It would probably have made me anxious but this guy doesn't suffer from Shy Bladder so he didn't even think about it.


Anonymous said...

gI've had shy bladder since 1977 when I was in 7th grade to the point I sometimes can't go on my own when my dog's near the bathroom. However when I'm already going at a urinal much like at work if "no one's in the restroom when I start & I'm comortly going I can keep going till done.

Anonymous said...

I used to find it hard to go when the dog was around but a dog may be the best pee buddy of all - absolutely non judgemental and isn't going to talk to anyone about whether you could go or not.