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Friday, January 20, 2006

Beating Shy Bladder : Progress Report #3

In the last week I've been too busy to be systematic about my progress. I didn't have time to stand waiting in the bathroom for someone to come by so I could try to pee.

But I didn't allow myself to regress either. I was lucky enough to find the bathroom occupied on more than one occasion a day and each time I used the stall with the door left open wide. Each time was a success but because it wasn't a progression of success through harder and harder situations I didn't get as much confidence from it as I had hoped. Oh for a pee-buddy!

But I am starting to think that I could move out of the stall into the urinal when there is nobody in the bathroom and wait at the urinal, trying to go when someone enters the room.

This will be a big challenge and I am afraid of slipping backwards but I think I can do it and I'm going to have to try at some point.

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SeekingMyFreedom said...

Thank you for reading my blogger at I read your comment and it's good to find somneone who understands what I'm going through. I've been thru cognitive behavior therapy and in therapy we did what you did on your own. You are impressive to do all that by yourself. I do have a suggestion if I may. When you first move to a urinal, even if you don't urinate, stand there anyway for a few minutes before moving to a stall. The reason? You can find out what I did...that nobody will judge you if you are urinating or not while standing at the urinal. Then after a while find a bathroom with one stall and one urinal, if you can and try to use that urinal. I did that at a McDonald's and it really boosted my ego. Now I can use a urinal if nobody else is at one of the other urinals. I want to work my way to using a urinal with others in the room. I'm no longer in CBT but I want to continue with the successes. My email addy is if you want to share successes with me.