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Friday, January 27, 2006

Progress Report #4 : It's getting better

When I started this process I had a simple plan. It turns out that executing the plan is more difficult than simply loading up on water and trying to pee in progressively harder situations.

For a start, drinking 100+ oz of water in a work-day means you experience a lot more situations where you need to go to the bathroom with some urgency. This was part of the plan since the urgency helps you know if Shy Bladder is shutting you down or if it's simply the lack of a real need to go.

BUT (and it's a big BUT) that level of urgency is very uncomfortable to maintain. I've sat in important meetings and been unable to truly partake because of the discomfort. In addition, since the plan requires that other people be around when I void I'm often left standing in a stall really burning to go but unable to let myself until someone else enters the bathroom. This is ironic for someone who suffers Shy Bladder but it's also torture.

If you read the book you'll have seen the advice to find yourself a pee-buddy, someone who can help you overcome your problem by walking in and out of the bathroom 100 times if need be.

I am making progress and I'm pleased with what I've achieved so far (though I still need to make the move to the urinal) but I realize that going the do-it-yourself route isn't easy and is much less controlled than having a buddy with whom you can set up progressively difficult scenarios.

So what have I achieved so far? Well, in my test bathroom at least I'm able to go in any stall with only momentary hesitancy with the door left wide open. It's really time I made the move to the urinal but that seems such a leap from the enclosed safety of the stall.

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