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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Shy Bladder and Peeing Rituals

People with Shy Bladder have a distorted view of the dynamics of the bathroom. We can't help thinking that everyone is watching or listening to us and judging us. Are we making too much noise? Does our urine smell offensive to others? Have others noticed that we haven't started to go yet?

Skewed as my perception of the bathroom is, I think it's true to say that people in public bathrooms act differently than in any other social situation. My experience is solely with the mensroom so I can't speak for what happens in the ladies room.

First, you're in the bathroom to urinate. That is the first order of business. What conversation goes on in the bathroom is generally confined to small-talk. People do not generally conduct business meetings in the bathroom, even if the participants are all present.

Second, eye-contact within the bathroom should be kept to a minimum. I think this is a defence mechanism. We're all standing around with out peices in our hands, we want to draw minimum attention to ourselves.

Third, the peeing ritual. There are people who seem to habitually make grunting noises when they start their flow and people who spit into the urinal first.

I wonder if adopting one of these rituals helps or hurts someone with Shy Bladder? Lately I've found myself spitting before urinating. While spitting is a disgusting habit when performed in the street I've decided to stick with this for a few reasons :

1. It has a sort of symbolic "I spit on my enemy" feeling about it.
2. I think that having a ritual will help train my brain to make what should happen next easier.
3. It seems to be perfectly acceptable behaviour in a bathroom setting.
4. It goes directly against the "People are judging me" Shy Bladder mindset, so I spit, go ahead and judge me.

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