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Monday, January 23, 2006

Can Meditation help Shy Bladder sufferers?

One of the symptoms of Shy Bladder is that you often have uncontrolled thoughts in the bathroom. You know that nobody is grading your performance in the bathroom but you simply can't help feeling that way. Your mind seems to race, you feel as if everyone is watching you. This is one of the reasons that a slang term for Shy Bladder is "stage fright".

I wonder if Meditation would be useful for this problem?

At the most basic level, learning to relax is a skill that could be a big help.

But I read an article this weekend and it suggests that at advanced levels meditation can help you "break through" to a higher state of awareness about yourself. I suspect that if you had that ability, fixing your Shy Bladder problems would be a very simple matter. Of course, it might take years to reach that state but being held captive to Shy Bladder for 20 years isn't exactly a good use of time either.

Further reading : How To Meditate (advice for anxiety sufferers)

How Meditation Works by Shunzen Young.

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