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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shy Bladder Syndrome : The Book

This is it, THE Book on Shy Bladder by Dr. Steven Soifer PhD. 150 pages packed with information about paruresis including what causes it and approaches to it's treatment. At the very least this book can give you hope, I'm using the techniques described in this book to get my life back. If you suffer from shy bladder you can too.

Here's a breakdown of the chapters :

Chapter One
What is Bashful Bladder Syndrome and how do you know you have it?

Chapter 2
The Brain, Bladder and Urination : Working in harmony but Not Always.

Chapter 3
Causes of Bashful Bladder Syndrome : Unraveling the Mystery

Chapter 4
You Can treat Bashful Bladder Syndrome Yourself

Chapter 5
Adjunct Therapies, Support Groups and Workshops

Chapter 6
The Medical Community and Paruresis

Chapter 7
How family members, Intimate Partners and friends can support your recovery

Chapter 8
Evolving Legal Ramifications: The Americans with Disabilities Act and Mandatory Drug Testing.

Chapter 9
Future Directions

Appendix A
Literature Review

Appendix B
Evolution of the Bathroom and it's Impact on Paruresis

Appendix C
For further help.

And here's a quote from the back cover :

The inability to comfortably use a public restroom has halted travel plans, promotions, and job changes. It has caused endless daily suffering for millions worldwide who have hidden a shaming, debilitating disorder from even their closest friends. Recovery is not easy, but it is simple. The instructions within these pages can guide you to that long sought freedom.

- R.Reid Wilson, Ph.D., author, Don't Panic : Taking control of Anxiety Attacks

Get it from Amazon.

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