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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How does shy-bladder make you feel?

First, I should say that I don't have a truly crippling case of paruresis, it's been worse and it's been better but generally I'm at least able to pee in a closed stall, even in a busy bathroom.

Others have it a lot worse.

But I still resent my condition. Bathrooms are supposed to be places you go to relieve yourself, they are not supposed to be a source of anxiety.

Shy bladder makes you weird..

* I'm the guy you see hanging around anxiously outside the bathroom waiting for it to be empty because I can't go if anyone else is in there.

* I'm the guy who walks up to the urinal next to you and does...nothing.

* I'm the guy who walks into the stall when you show me to the bathrooms even if there's plenty of space at the urinals.

* I'm the guy who, unable to go in the busy public place has to leave to find a bathroom he can safely use and then gives you some odd story about why I had to leave.

* I'm the guy who can't pee while you're in the bathroom because my overactive brain thinks that you're listening to every sound I make and judging me for it.

You get the picture.

Finally, I resent the lost illusion of control. We all get some comfort from the idea that, if nothing else, we are at least in control of ourselves. If you suffer from shy bladder you know what a joke that is. We can't even pee. It would be laughable if it wasn't so frustrating.


nikolaspiperakis said...

No worries mate. Indeed, you re not alone. Hope this site will help me a bit

Anonymous said...

I feel sad about his, it has complicated many situations in my life.. sometimes I think maybe it is not so unnatural... some animals seem to hide and want be alone to do their "bathroom stuff". The question is why do we perceive taking a piss as performance ? Because that is what it boils down to. I mean I can sneeze without problem or even blow my nose.. well no I do not like to blow my nose in public actually. This situation is weird and I found some terribly badly designed bathrroms with reflecting mirrors etc in nighclubs for instance, to add some stress. A hearthfelt thought to all those guys like us... I know exactly how disturbing it is for the ego to suffer from this. I'm not even a shy person in general.